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Lad Snapchats Entire Rescue Operation After Getting Knee Caught In Fence

Lad Snapchats Entire Rescue Operation After Getting Knee Caught In Fence

He was trying to hurdle it...

George Pavlou

George Pavlou

For the fitness freaks among us, the final slog before your summer body is revealed to the world has arrived.

Sam Hutchinson wasn't so worried about his summer body, more about the MMA training he'd just started. He was told to improve his stamina. Naturally, he decided a jog was the best way to work on it.

On this particular day, he had a total nightmare.

Sam was approaching a railway tunnel near his home in Acomb, York, when he saw a yellow fence he was convinced he could jump. He couldn't.

In fact, so bad was the 24-year-old's attempt that he never even made it. On approach, he slipped and fell into a metal barrier and got his knee caught between the bars.

"It was more slippery than I expected," he told York Press. "I think everyone who saw me had a good laugh."

Thankfully, Sam isn't one to panic and Snapchatted the entire hour-long ordeal which required locals, paramedics and firefighters to come to his rescue...

Apparently he 'hurt his knee a bit' but wasn't too fussed.

"I'm just glad people found it funny. At least something good has come of it!" he told TheLADbible.

The barrier was, according to Sam, around 3ft high. He says he won't be trying to hurdle it in future.

But Sam, if you are going to try it once more, set up a camera so we can watch you get caught in the fence again. Nice one, pal.

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