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Tom Hanks Crashes Newlyweds' Photo Shoot, Remains A Legend

Tom Hanks Crashes Newlyweds' Photo Shoot, Remains A Legend

Passing by in Central Park.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Remember back in 2012 when Tom Hanks cemented his reputation as all-around-nice-guy by posing with a 'drunk' fan for a series of photos at a restaurant? Well, he's at it again. But this time his stage is a strangers' wedding.

Actually, that sounds a bit morbid. The pictures are great. Have a look for yourself.

Image: Meg Miller

Happy couple Elisabeth and Ryan were having some celebratory photos taken in New York's Central Park when the Captain Phillips star happened to swing by.

Elisabeth clearly looks delighted to see the actor appear out of the blue on her big day.

The newlyweds are seen posing with Hanks for photos taken by Meg Miller. On one picture, Hanks can be seen kissing the hand of Elisabeth.

In case you didn't see his the 'drunk' photos from four years ago, here you are:

Image credits: Imgur

What a guy.

Featured image credit: Meg Miller

Featured Image Credit:

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