Chris Pratt Savaged Jennifer Lawrence About Their Sex Scene In 'Passengers'

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Chris Pratt Savaged Jennifer Lawrence About Their Sex Scene In 'Passengers'

At the moment Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are at the forefront of popularity, due to their upcoming partnership in the film Passengers.

Weirdly, Pratt might be more popular than J-Law, with everyone lapping up things like his magic trick on The Graham Norton Show - a prime example of why people love him.

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The pair have been all over the world doing a lot of promo for their forthcoming film, but their best and most entertaining interview yet came on BBC Radio 1's 'Playground Insults' segment.

There was a lot of back and forth between the two, with the Hunger Games star getting the better of her compadre, referring to his beard as pubic hair and calling Guardians of the Galaxy 'the stupidest Marvel movie'.

It was Chris' comebacks to J-Law saying she had to take two pepto bismol prior to their sex scene that won the game for him...


Credit: BBC Radio 1

There was really no point in going any further than that, was there? Even Jennifer was gracious in defeat following her utter savaging.

Can the release of Passengers just delayed a little bit longer, please? Just so we can have more of this gold.

Oh, and just so you know, we're pretty sure Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have a penis.


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