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Salt Bae Serves Up Some Of His Finest For 'Narcos' Cali Cartel

Salt Bae Serves Up Some Of His Finest For 'Narcos' Cali Cartel

Ready to celebrate the success of season three.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

If there's one thing a successful drug cartel can do, it's fly out Turkey's most famous steak restauranteur to Colombia to dine out in style.

That's exactly what the Cali Cartel did as they launched the third season of the American crime drama Narcos,

In a Netflix promotion, Salt Bae, who became the centre of many a meme and famed for his fanciful flavourings of steak, served up his finest for the show's actors.

Credit: Netflix

The ad sees Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, doing what he does best, before slicing up the steak and feeding it, direct from the knife, to one of the cartel.

The first two seasons of Narcos told the story of the infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a millionaire through the distribution of cocaine.

Season three, launched on September 1, picks up after the fall of Escobar and focuses on the Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) as they go up against the Cali Cartel.

Credit: Netflix

The series features 10 episodes, and received a 100 percent 'fresh' rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on eight reviews.

Starring, Damian Alcazar as the leader of the Cali Cartel and one of Pablo Escobar's primary rivals, Pedro Pascal will be in hot pursuit as Javier Pena, a DEA agent.

All episodes were released on the streaming service, meaning that a full-on bingeing session is a serious possibility.

Sadly, Salt Bae doesn't have a featured role in the series past the ad promotion, and will instead going back to his day job.

Credit: Netflix

At the start of 2017 he became an internet sensation and has hosted celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Oscar winner looks mesmorised by the seasoning of his steak, looking like he's so high that even the simplest of twists from a salt shaker would impress him.

Salt Bae really loves his meat, and puts a lot of care and attention into the steaks he serves. In an interview with NBC he said: "The shape of the meat and the taste of it starting from the top down is a part of me... all of my feelings are coming from inside of the meat down to when I put the salt onto the meat."

Just when you'd thought he'd had his five minutes of fame... back he comes. This guy is here to stay.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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