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Liam Gallagher Has The Best Reaction To Being Told Not To Swear In Leeds

Liam Gallagher Has The Best Reaction To Being Told Not To Swear In Leeds

He is not happy.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Swearing used to be a criminal offence in the UK but luckily for those who like to say the odd obscenity here and there it isn't anymore. However it appears that someone didn't take too kindly to Liam Gallagher using a few expletives, and told him that swearing wasn't allowed in Leeds.

After performing at Leeds Festival last night - the artist took to Twitter to write a swearword laden post.

The post reads: "Apparently your [sic] not allowed to swear now in LEEDS stop the world I'm getting the FUCK OFF as you fuvking [sic] were you fucking c**ts slags twats."

Some people have responded to the post, calling him a bad role model for kids because he glorifies swearing. However, LG shut them down in his perfect way.

Despite the naysayers, he did have a few people who couldn't care less if he swore.

Despite the swearing debacle, it appears that Liam thoroughly enjoyed the fans at the gig.

The former Oasis band member took to the main stage at Leeds Festival yesterday, and performed just before headliners Muse. The three-day event at Leeds and Reading boasts an incredible line-up, featuring Major Lazer, Eminem Kasabian, Two Door Cinema Club, Migos, Glass Animals, Flume, Haim, Fatboy Slim and many, many more.Featured Image Credit: PA

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