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Zach Braff And Donald Faison Reunite For Valentine's Day In Twitter Picture

Zach Braff And Donald Faison Reunite For Valentine's Day In Twitter Picture




It's safe to say this was the "guy love" that launched a thousand bromances. JD and Turk on Scrubs were the real romance on Scrubs. Forget about the on/off relationship between JD and Elliott, or the steady marriage between Carla and Turk, the show was founded on the friendship of Brown Bear and Bambi.

There was a lot of drama in Sacred Heart hospital - mostly of the whimsical kind or sarcastic kind, but these two were pure adultated joy.

It was all about JD and Turk - I mean they had nicknames for each other and matching bracelets. They have serious friendship goals.

JD and Turk have lot's in common - music, games, movies and tv, but Turk is athletic and cool and JD is nerdy and clumsy. And opposites attract because they get along like a house on fire! Everyone on the show jokes that they're a couple because they're so close - and JD does get possessive of Turk at times.

In the final season, JD even tells Turk they're not a married couple, but Turk says they are married a little bit. And JD admits he knows and loves it.

When JD left the hospital for a new job, Turk was upset as he'd never been away from him for more than a couple of weeks. Wow.

Roommates in college, med school and while working for the hospital - if anything they were too close. They could finish eat other's sentences.

Everything these guys did looked like so much fun. Fun and totally inappropriate for a hospital.


Their friendship was pure.


And they 100 per cent coordinated.

Even though Scrubs ended seven years ago now, these two are still feeling the love. It's safe to say that these two are best friends in real life.

Just sit back and listen to their special song, and reminisce about the good times.

While all other bromances pale in comparison to JD and Turk's - that's a given - there's plenty of others to choose from! There's even one in Game of Thrones. Hopefully in the next season, they can reunite Bronn and Tyrion.

At the start of their friendship, Tyrion is pampered, sharp-tongued and black sheep of his family, interested in boozing and whoring. Bronn is his mouthy sell sword for hire, a mercenary wingman who is upfront about it, in a pithy witty way. Together they quip through brothels and lots and lots of alcohol. In the endless stream of deaths in Game of Thrones, they're a very welcome change.

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: Twitter