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Two Guys Fined After Trying To Transport Couch And Fridge By Train

Two Guys Fined After Trying To Transport Couch And Fridge By Train

You've got to give them an A for effort

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Sometimes when you're moving to a new property, it can be hard to get all your belongings from point A to point B. If you have access to a van then you're better off than most, but for the rest of us, it can be a challenging experience.

Two different men in Queensland decided that using public transport would be much cheaper than hiring a removal team. Their efforts have been featured in an ongoing series, published on social media by Queensland Rail, called #trainetiquettetuesday.

Check out the hilarious CCTV footage:

Credit: Queensland Rail

As if Fridge Man hadn't gone through enough pivoting his appliance into elevators and eventually onto the train, security guards promptly arrived to take him off the carriage. He was then fined AUD $252 (£150) for bringing on an item that couldn't fit in the luggage racks or under the seats, as well as receiving another penalty for fare evasion.

ABC state political reporter Chris O'Brien, who happened to be present, commented: "I was fascinated by the sight of a gentleman wheeling a fridge on to the platform, and the puzzled reaction by station staff.

"I could tell that staff weren't quite sure how to react, which is understandable."

Naturally, some people on social media were impressed with his cost-cutting measures.

In the second part of the video, you can see a man trying everything he can to get a long, black couch to a new home.

Impressively, he manages to get it off the train, into an elevator and onto a trolley, but not before rail staff have a quick word with him.

Queensland Rail's Justine Scarff has told ABC: "We obviously need to be mindful of other people travelling; trains are for people, they aren't for fridges and couches unfortunately."

"I hope he decided to book a removalist as we would encourage people to do, or call up one of his mates with a ute [utility vehicle]."

Hopefully the couch and fridge eventually found their way to their final destination.

Featured Image Credit: Queensland Rail