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Pals Create 'Art Attack' Halloween Costume And It Is Excellent

Pals Create 'Art Attack' Halloween Costume And It Is Excellent

The quest to have an original costume gets harder every year

What is Halloween about? Remembering the dead? Trick or Treating? Scary stuff? Pumpkins? Or dressing up in costumes referencing children's TV programmes from the 90s?

Thankfully, for some, it is about the latter. But rarely has such a costume been as well conceived and executed as this:


Well played men, well played.

For those who don't get the reference - what the hell were you up to when it was raining and you were seven?

This is of course an immaculate imitation of Neil Buchanan from Art Attack alongside 'The Head'. Neil used to extremely enthusiastically show you how to cut and stick things while wearing a big red jumper and 'The Head' used to provide amusingly inaccurate recaps. He also used to make the odd 'joke' here and there; though it turns out, upon revisiting the programme after 20 years, that these 'jokes' are actually offensively shit.

Par exemple: "I've had some great holidays chugging though the beautiful countryside aboard a narrow boat. I even made a model of one recently, do you want to see it?

[reveals model of very thin boat]

"A narrow boat! HAHAHAHA! Do you get it? A narrow boat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


... But perhaps it is unfair to expect creative quips from a character that is just a head, and is called, 'The Head'.

Regardless, these guys have effectively captured the duo's unrivalled chemistry. The Neil Buchanan impersonator superbly pays homage to the man's unadulterated passion for attacking art, while the head also looks quite a lot like 'The Head'.

The head looks particularly similar to early incarnations of 'The Head', from back in the days when he was played by a bloke with his face painted grey... so very similar. However, most of us remember the puppet version of 'The Head', who was introduced in series 3.

The hyper harsh costume critic may point out that their crayon is ludicrously large, however, this would be the foolish observation of a hyper harsh costume critic who clearly isn't Art Attack literate. The studio used to be littered with massive bits of stationery that Neil might use for one of his giant hillside projects, where he'd make a huge flamingo out of toilet roll or something.


What on earth has Neil been up to since the surprisingly recent demise of Art Attack, I hear you ask?

Well, he still paints and takes photographs... and he is also in a heavy metal band called Marseille. Shut the front door, I hear you shout, but it is true.... He's obviously lost his head - HAHAHAHAHA!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Knoxiebbz

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