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Couple Spend Two Days Travelling To Rio And Then Buy Fake Olympic Tickets

Couple Spend Two Days Travelling To Rio And Then Buy Fake Olympic Tickets

Credit: Facebook/Zane Copeland/Getty Images

Before you judge me, read all of this article. I have no sympathy for either of these, and their stupidity ended up getting rewarded, which infuriates me.


Husband-and-wife Zane and Kristen Copeland, both 29, travelled from Oklahoma to Rio, taking 50 hours overall. And then when they presented their tickets for the opening ceremony they found out they were bona fide fakes.

The biggest question regarding all of this is how the hell it took the pair 50 hours to reach their destination. They took five flights and stayed in six airports, flying out of Dallas and getting to Rio's Galeão International Airport via Mexico, Colombia and Chile, according the The Mail. Without boring you with the details, the journey sounded absolutely gruelling.

Zane and Kristen Copeland. Credit: Zane Copeland/Facebook


And this is where my sympathy for them ends and my laughter at their demise begins. They hadn't pre-booked the tickets for the opening ceremony, no sir - they'd gone all that way to wing it and buy a ticket outside the stadium from a tout/scalper.

Our North American friends will let me know whether this is a typical Oklahoma thing to do or not.

This is the only image going through my head right now.


Zane Copeland, a preacher (I can't help feel there's some kind of irony in this), had this to say. "When they scanned the tickets and told us they were fake we simply couldn't believe it. It was just heartbreaking."

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They paid around £70 for each ticket. And this, is most definitely, the most ridiculous quote I've ever read:

"The tickets looked completely legit. He was a big guy with muscles and he kept them in his sock."

Would you Adam and Eve it? They were fakes, and didn't scan.

But what annoys me the most after all of this, and after laughing at their utter stupidity to be absolutely honest, is that staff took pity on them and let them watch it from the press pen, and they got to meet some of Team USA.

"There is always a silver lining and it was incredible meeting some of the athletes. Plus we taped the ceremony on the DVR so we can at least watch it later."

And the moral of this... be the most gullible person in history and you will be rewarded for your stupidity.

I've got my ticket for the closing ceremony I've just bought off my 'mate' and will be flying out soon. Maybe I'll see loads of Team GB too.

Credit: Some bloke

Seems legit.

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