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This Man Got Brutally Shot Down In His Public Proposal In A Food Court

This Man Got Brutally Shot Down In His Public Proposal In A Food Court

Oh dear Paul. Oh dear Barry.

Public proposals are dangerous - you're dealing with a lot of factors. Weather, other people - the chance of being publicly embarrassed. And yet that doesn't stop people from doing it. Flash mob proposals, proposals at sport games and bizarrely food courts.

What's romantic about a food court? They smell gross, have bad lighting, terrible acoustics and the woman you're proposing to is chomping down on a Big Mac. But that didn't stop this Brazilian man from trying to catch a wife.

A lonely violin starts serenading two women in a food court in Brazil and a man walks up with a bouquet of flowers and a ring box. A woman stands up. He kneels. A proposal is about to go down.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well take a look at some of this!

Hello darkness my old friend. YouTube/Banana and Feijoada

Well, she didn't look impressed for starters. After a few seconds she grabs her bag and starts giving him words and walks off upset.

Everyone applauds and the poor neglected man sits down, crushed.

Her reaction makes me think that either they're not dating, or they did and they broke up. She's not in any way pleased and seems upset and angry. Proposing in public is a lot of pressure for the woman to say yes - even if she doesn't want to.

Actually, start again! Why the fuck do you propose in a food court? Even if it was where they first met or some other bollocks. Do you want to look back on that special moment and remember someone ogling you with ketchup down their face as they stuffed chips into their face while the aroma of grease wafted over you?

Another Proposal Failure

Proposals can go wrong even if you're not doing it in a food court. One guy proposed to his girlfriend on a packed boat and she freaked out and hit him, knocking the ring into the water.

What a great way to start a marriage!

Luckily the water wasn't that deep - only about a foot but the image of him in his Bermuda shorts trying to find the engagement ring for his ungrateful and clumsy girlfriend is hilarious and awful in equal measure.

I wonder if she said yes and if they found the ring. If not, I'm not sure she deserves a replacement!

Someone commented on the video: "And this is how Lord of the Rings started."

My precious!

Words Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Banana and Feijoada

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