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LAD Squeezes More Than Just His Muscles When Bench Pressing

Michael Minay

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LAD Squeezes More Than Just His Muscles When Bench Pressing

Anyone who's serious about the gym will know that to build that extra bit of muscle you've got to push yourself.

That means using every bit of your mind and every sinew of muscle to complete that last squat; increasing the resistance on that spin bike; and picking up the heaviest weight you're capable of.

You'll push - and you may even be spotted - but you'll do it, and when you do you'll feel fucking fantastic. Suddenly you've gone from that weedy kid to the Hulk.

A recent video, which first appeared on Reddit, showed one guy confident in his own abilities after being bet $20 (little over £15), that he won't be able to bench 185lbs (around 84kg).


Check him out here...

Credit: Streamable

His spotter assumes his position, the LAD in question lies back and grip hold of the bar. The weight is lifted off the hooks and he's away.


The spotter maintains a little bit of control as the bar is lowered, easing his assistance as it drops lower. With the bar on the lads chest, there's only one way that bar can go... upwards.

Squeezing with all he has, something moves, and it's not the bar.

It's his bowels! Yep, one almighty gym-silencing fart is let rip from the poor man's backside.

Amongst the fits of laughter, it gets better - the poor guy, already the centre of such embarrassment, let's out a couple of after farts.


"It really squeezed the shit out of him," wrote one Reddit user.

"It was a serious injury alright... to his ego," wrote another. "Sometime [sic] it takes months to recover from such injuries."

That's a fair point, there is no way he's getting over that so quickly.


It would seem this fella isn't alone in his actions. Jake Benson, a personal trainer from Manchester, said one of his client's did similar was courtesy of a drunken Indian meal the night before.

"It was the day after their birthday," he told LADbible. "They'd been out for a curry with a bunch of family and friends.

"He came in, still slightly intoxicated, and the majority of the session was based around strength training until the last 15 minutes when we starting performing interval sprints on the rower.

"The first of 5, 30 second, sprints came and whilst receiving 10 out of 10 for effort, his arse came off the back end of the rower!


"We both found it hilarious, but the enormous fart that came out after his chuckle was anything but. It fucking stank!"

He wouldn't be the first clown to try and do something well beyond his means. Like this lad, who tried to lift his own body weight... literally.

Credit: On The Tools

Oh dear, oh dear - at least he tried.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

Topics: Weightlifting

Michael Minay
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