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Online Shoppers Revealed The Worst Purchase Fails They Made During Lockdown

Sponsored by Visa
Sponsored by Visa
Online Shoppers Revealed The Worst Purchase Fails They Made During Lockdown

With us all spending a lot more time at home at the moment, that knock on the door when your latest online order arrives has become a real highlight of the day.

Many of us have been starting new hobbies, trying to get fit, or sprucing up the house - so there have been a lot of online orders flying about. There's a second where the doorbell rings and you forget exactly what you've ordered and it's almost like you've bought yourself a surprise gift! 'What could it possibly be!?'

For some buyers though, it seems like the person sending the order is the one who's had a memory lapse when the product that arrives doesn't match the description. It's something that has left many people stuck with the wrong item and unable to get their money back when the seller refused to refund them.

Luckily, for those paying with a Visa credit or debit, they may be able to get their money back if the goods ordered didn't match the description and the seller won't refund.

A not so full English

A Not So Full English
A Not So Full English

A good frying pan is the staple of any kitchen and a necessary tool for whipping up a wide range of dishes - a stir fry, a steak, a classic Full English breakfast.

With many of us missing our trips out for brunch, there's been an upsurge in people cooking up their own brunch at home. But imagine ordering a cast iron pan and then, when it arrives, finding that it's not even big enough to fit a whole egg in to - just a tiny, miniature version of the one you thought you had ordered.

It'd take a really long time to make a Full English in that.

A tight squeeze

A Tight Squeeze
A Tight Squeeze

Being able to get out and exercise has been one of the saving graces of lockdown. And it's led to a large spike in the demand for work out gear.

And, when you put in an order for a sleek pair of work out leggings, you'd be sorely disappointed to open the package to see the 'women's' leggings actually children's sized.

Leggings that can barely fit one adult leg in, let alone two - it's not ideal for leg day is it?



When we all started working from home last year, we were totally unprepared for our homes to become full-time offices, with many of us working on fold out chairs, on sofas, dining tables, on kitchen worktops or even from bed.

As time has gone on, the need to up our WFH game has become essential. The top priority? A chair that doesn't leave us with crippling back pain.

So, you'd be pretty bewildered to discover that when your new office chair arrives it doesn't even fit together properly, rendering it totally unusable. Back to the sofa it is then.

Not exactly a work of art

Not Exactly A Work Of Art
Not Exactly A Work Of Art

Other popular lockdown activities have included painting, drawing and all things crafty. With more time on our hands, many of us found the time to nurture that creative spark.

There's been online life drawing classes, art clubs and all sorts to get involved in during lockdown.

You've got big ambitions when it comes to your next masterpiece. So, how would you feel if, when you ordered an easel, what arrived in your order was a much smaller version of the one that was advertised? A tiny wooden frame that can't even handle a canvas the size of a postcard. It's certainly not going to help you create the painting of your dreams.

Do these experiences sound all too familiar? If the item you ordered didn't match the description, you may be able to get your money back if you paid with a Visa credit, debit, and the seller won't refund you.

Find out more here.

Disclaimer: Refunds are not guaranteed. Your bank provides payment dispute support in relation to credit and debit card purchases. This is available where the seller won't refund and/or seller goes out of business. Card issuer terms apply. Your legal rights are not affected, and alternative remedies are available to you, as a legal right, in relation to credit card purchases over £100.

Sponsored by VISA

Featured Image Credit: VISA UK

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