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Police Seize Instructor's Car While Learner Does Driving Test

Police Seize Instructor's Car While Learner Does Driving Test

Alongside watching your team in a penalty shootout, finding out your exam results, and deciding the right moment to get down on one knee, doing your driving test is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of your life.

You've spent hundreds of pounds on lessons (mirror, signal, manoeuvre etc), spent hours in your parents' car, and then it all comes down to one hour.


Can you maintain your hands at 10 to two for one last go (because let's face it, nobody wheel-shuffles after they've passed)? Can you remember to indicate at the right time? Can you avoid killing a pedestrian?

For one man it got a little too much, and he failed just five seconds into his driving test for something completely foolish.

Craig Barraza, 33, from Scotland, departed from his test centre and immediately went into the right-hand lane after forgetting which side of the road you drive on.


The examiner asked him if he was aware of his mistake, and he corrected his way. The poor lad, as if suffering a complete mind-blank wasn't enough, then found out, 40 minutes later, that he would have passed the test as he didn't make a mistake anywhere else.

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Driving Lessons To Resume From 4 July In England

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There's plenty to worry about without having to question whether your instructor's car is roadworthy.

One such learner driver was faced with exactly this when police seized the car she was driving in mid-test.

The student, who has not been identified, and her examiner, had to be taken back to the test centre on Saturday by coppers who realised the car had no insurance and no MOT.

According to West Midland's road policing unit, the woman had been on course to pass the test and had not clocked up a single minor.

However, the examiner could not say the student had passed her test because she had not completed the minimum time for the exam.

Police are now in possession of her driving instructor's badge and tweeted about their impound.

Following the tweet, many called on the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to offer the girl a second test for free as a 'bit of goodwill', while others joked that the police should have offered their car to complete the test.

Driving without insurance could set you back six points on your license and a hefty £300 while a lack of MOT could set you back £1,000. You've been warned.

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