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Random And Uninvited Badger Bites A Bloke At A Barbeque

Random And Uninvited Badger Bites A Bloke At A Barbeque

Beats, booze and a barbecue. Possibly the three things this Easter that will make your bank holiday memorable.

Shall we add a fourth 'B' into the mix? How about... badger!


Randomly, in Worcester this happened to Charlotte Reynolds, whose little party was interrupted by an uninvited guest, who left with his (or her) mark on the party.

The badger arrived at the part with a farmer who randomly showed up. Charlotte, drunkenly, shouted "can we see the badger?" and as quick as a flash, the badger was in the hands of a man called Mark - another guest at the do.

That moment didn't last for long though. Within seconds the angry animal took a dislike to Mark and opted to bite him on the finger. To make his point, he refused to let go, despite being repeatedly shook.

The crowd, including Charlotte, can be heard screaming as the badger is eventually thrown off, leaving Mark with a bloody finger.


Credit: SWNS

Badgers, known for their carrying of TB, was taken to hospital (after being tended to by critical care nurse, Charlotte) for a quick check and a tetanus job. Thankfully, no stiches were required.

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Charlotte said: "I was sitting with my friend and a farmer turned up holding a badger.

"It was a bit weird and very random. I shouted 'can we see the badger?'

"He held it up and it bit him. Somehow I managed to get it on film and all the screaming.

Credit: SWNS

Thank goodness that she did capture it on film, a heavy sesh meant without it, this story wouldn't have reached us.

"I didn't even remember it the next day," she added. "I had quite a bit to drink and we had been drinking all day.

"My friend mentioned 'the badger' the next day and I was like 'what?' and she said 'check your Snapchat'."

"I had put the video on there," she continued. "I remember now going and asking him if he was OK, and he was OK - but his finger was bleeding."

"The video is the only real evidence that a badger turned up to the party. It's a bit weird."

According to badger expert website,, as friendly as the BBQ buddies tried to be with their guest, badgers make 'exceptionally poor pets'.

Had these guys checked the site, before handling the biting badger, they'd have learned that 'badgers can be aggressive and have a very strong bite. They are strong and powerful'. The warning was there all along.

Within this whole story, there is the key message, don't badger a badger, or he'll badger you more!

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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