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Starbucks Customer Stunned To Find 'Penis' Written On Cup Instead Of 'Danny'

Starbucks Customer Stunned To Find 'Penis' Written On Cup Instead Of 'Danny'

The baristas never get your name right when they scribble it on your takeaway up. The amount of times my name has been spelled correctly is once. But hey, if the coffee is good, who cares?

And I drink takeout coffee at least three times a day (it's an addiction, ok). Who is called Maura in the twenty-first century? And I'm pretty sure Lura isn't a name.

Some people go as far as making up names to give the barista when they're making your vanilla soy latte with an extra shot. Sometimes when you're on the way to work in the morning, it's nice and empowering to stomp along the pavement with 'Khaleesi' written on the side of your coffee cup in marker pen.

And when you're having a really bad day, what better way to let everyone know than to tell the poor Starbucks barista that your name is 'Voldemort'? They would never dare mess with that order. But sometimes they get it really, really wrong.


A Starbucks fan was left confused and a little bit worried when his cup seemed to have 'penis' scrawled on the side instead of his name.

Danny Matthews popped into the Wimbledon branch of Starbucks with a colleague on Monday afternoon because the sun was beating down upon his back and he fancied a nice cold drink.

The 24-year-old was left stunned when he spotted what appeared to be the word 'penis' scrawled on his blackberry mojito tea lemonade cup instead of 'Danny'.


I think they weren't impressed with his order to be honest.

But Danny's only explanation is that the barista misheard his name as 'Denis' and then the line of the 'd' accidentally extended making it appear like a 'p' - with the unfortunate effect of making his name look like 'penis'.

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Ok sure, mate.


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The unfortunate slip-up made Penis... whoops I mean Danny's day and he says he's looking forward to his next trip to Starbucks even more than ever.

Danny from Wimbledon, south west London, said: "I'm not sure how you go from Danny to penis. I burst out laughing when I saw what was written on my cup, I think it's absolutely hilarious. I took the cup back to everyone in the office to have a look - they were all laughing as well."


Bit of office bants.

Danny said: "I normally get Danni with an 'i' which is the female spelling of the name. It's the first time I've had Denis or Penis. I think it's really funny. It's not upset me whatsoever, if anything it's made me love them more."

What a LAD.


Starbucks refused to comment on the matter.

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