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This University Looks Like  A Giant Toilet And Many S**ts Are Given

This University Looks Like A Giant Toilet And Many S**ts Are Given

What a dump. And much more toilet humour ahead.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

redit: Youtube/People's Daily, China

A new building in China is making people lose their s*** as well as reminding that of needing to take one.

The North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power has proudly unveiled its brand new building, but rather than feeling flushed with success, the designers have been panned for creating something that looks like a massive toilet. The shape is pretty spot on for it to be a giant shitter and that blue-roofed shed on top is the icing on the cake to make it look even more like a bog.

Credit: Youtube/People's Daily, China

The new building will be used for the Students' Employment Centre and the lucky students will also be able to enjoy plenty of sunlight in the cylindrical section of the building - or the bowl.

Some pissed off people have been discussing the building on Chinese social media site QQ, reports the Daily Mail. One user wrote: "Who is so wicked as to design a university building in the shape of a toilet?" Another said: "Oh everyone! It looks like a toilet!" You're not wrong there.

China has previous with stuff like this; the People's Daily Headquarters looks a bit like a massive cock and the plans for Beijing's new airport were compared to a giant vulva. Earlier this year, officials brought in a rule to ban 'weird and odd shaped buildings' in the country, but obviously these guys didn't get the memo.

I'm just wondering whether the archtiect either needed to let a massive turd out at the time of design.

Words Claire Reid

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