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Woman Admits To Cheating On Husband On TV For Cash Prize

Woman Admits To Cheating On Husband On TV For Cash Prize

Very, very awkward.



Credit: Moment Of Truth/YouTube

Remember this face!

In the most savage TV gameshow ever concocted, (more savage than a professor of savagery at the University of Savage), one woman's brutally honest answers see her ruin her relationships with her family and her husband - all for money. It's throwback time and it may well make your year. Get to the end of the article and see the carnage in the video.

Credit: DreamWorks/Meme Generator

The way Moment of Truth works is that the host asks a question and then the victim, sorry, 'contestant' answers. Then the "lie detector" tells us if she's telling the truth or not.

To win the game, you have to tell the truth - however painful it may be. This show seems keen to destroy your relationships, reputation, character and possibly also your will to live. The questions are mean, cruel and calculated. And it's brilliant.

The TV host who claims to be called Mark Wahlberg but is not the Mark Wahlberg prefaces the episode by saying it was so controversial that they questioned whether to air it.

Yeah right - whatever mate.

We're introduced to 26-year-old Lauren who is a hair stylist. Her parents, sister and husband are watching her...ruin her life.

It starts off harmless enough. She's asked if she would ever give food to a stray dog before a homeless person - she says yes and the audience groan.

This is only the beginning but they think they're onto an unrepentent, mean woman. Goody!

The next shocking question is has Lauren ever been fired from a job for stealing money?

Lauren admitted she has - and the TV host points out that her husband Frank is a police officer!

Does she realise that she's on TV at this point? Does she want to go to jail? Is that a normal question to ask people on this show?

The TV host asks her: "Since you've been married, have you ever pretended to be asleep to avoid having sex with your husband?"

Frank seemed to expect the answer to this one and Lauren casually says she either pretends to be asleep or have a headache.

Credit: Moment Of Truth/YouTube

The audience boo!

But all this is merely the aperitif.

As if the host knows what I'm thinking, the next question is: "Do you blame your husband for your lack of close friends?"

And she does. Boy, she does. The resentment on that face! What's going on in this marriage?

It starts to turn around - Lauren says she would be a surrogate for her sister if she couldn't have kids. That's sweet - that's a tough question.

Just as I started to think that it was going to be ok for her, then bam. The questions turn to her marriage.

The TV host asks if she ever takes off her wedding ring and pretends to be single.

Lauren does. "But I'm wearing it now!" she exclaims.

Doesn't matter Lauren, doesn't matter.

It just gets worse - she's then asked if she was in love with an ex-boyfriend on her wedding day.

And she was.

Just as we are reeling from the turn of events, Mr Ex Boyfriend turns up and start asking her questions - is he even allowed to do that?

Here he is! Credit: Moment Of Truth/YouTube

He asks Lauren if she thinks she should be married to him instead.

We already know the answer. She does. This is like a really weird RomCom where we hate everyone involved!

Frank, who is calmly sitting there, says there's not much else he could hear at this point but encourages them to keep talking. He looks oddly unaffected by it all. Most men would be upset if their wife stole from work, married them while in love with someone else and wanted to be married to their ex. Not Frank. Frank just sits there, passively watching.

Then comes the killer question - has Lauren ever had extra-marital sex?

Yeah she has. Probably with the ex right in front of her.

Credit: The Jeremy Kyle Show

So far Lauren has been brutally truthful but she's got one more question to answer. Does she think she's a good person?

She stumbles over it, but says she thinks she does. The lie detector says she's lying.

Lauren loses all her money! What was even the point of all that honesty? "I just wanted to get some things off my chest," she explains. It's totally normal to do that in front of an audience and on national TV. Makes it all the more authentic.

So Lauren lost all that money, her credibility and probably also her husband - but did she get married to the ex? C'mon, don't leave us hanging here!

Take a look at it all here.

Credit: Moment Of Truth/YouTube

Words Laura Hamilton

Main image credit: Moment Of Truth/YouTube

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