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Angry Man's 'Gangster' Threats Leave Jeremy Kyle More Baffled Than Intimidated

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Angry Man's 'Gangster' Threats Leave Jeremy Kyle More Baffled Than Intimidated

As the host of The Jeremy Kyle Show, Jeremy Kyle has seen some things down the years. Who could forget 'women can't get pregnant when on top' man, condom water balloon cat man or 'Jermaine Pennant refusing to take a lie detector' man? Oh wait, that last one's actually Jermaine Pennant.

Anyway, you might think the self-righteous mediator would be beyond bafflement by this point, with his 1,000th episode airing way back in 2010. But as regular viewers can confirm, the producers of the Jezza Kyle show seem to somehow have access to an infinite source of inconceivable human beings, that have to be seen to be believed.

The latest lout to leave JFK (Jeremy Fucking Kyle) bewildered on the show got all up in some gang bange'rs grill about some beef over a biatch... or something like that.

When asked by the host with the most (condescending arrogance) if he could get a girl back in his life, the gangsta replied, "Click of ma fingers bro," adding a sharp click of said fingers for extra gangsta effect.



A girl sat next to the gangsta then references the fact that the aforementioned girl is crying on the screen behind them. But then some other guy says to her, "Look in the mirror," and it all kicks off.

Gangsta Pants leaps out of his chair towards the other man and sticks out his chest like an undernourished peacock, in that way men sometimes do when they want to seem hard but don't actually want a fight.

Da G then points aggressively at the man and shouts: "I'll spin your jaw, ya tramp!"


Jeremy is clearly confused by this threat and asks him for clarification, but he just repeats the chilling threat a few more times. Seeing his line of inquiry is getting him nowhere, Jezza asks the other man what the threat means.


"I dunno. It must be plastic gangster talk," he replies.

Clearly flummoxed, Jez mops his hand across his brow and exhales. "I don't understaaand," he says, with all the exhaustion someone could legitimately channel had they not chosen to make a career out of surrounding themselves with such morons.


But hey, we all come out of this feeling a little bit better about ourselves at least, provided we don't harbour too much self-loathing for watching it in the first place.


Tune in next week to see if Jeremy can help Tulula forgive her twin brother Gav, who she says chewed through her umbilical cord when they were sharing a placenta.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

Topics: TV and Film, Funny, UK Entertainment, Jeremy Kyle

Jake Massey
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