Arby's Is Offering 'Game of Thrones' Fans A Medieval-Style Turkey Leg

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Arby's Is Offering 'Game of Thrones' Fans A Medieval-Style Turkey Leg

If you just can't get enough of Game of Thrones, if you think your hunger for Fire & Ice can't be sated...or if you simply can't stomach any more fantastical fables, you're in for a treat.

After seven series of Lannister lore, Stark stories and Westeros waffle, finally hardcore fans will have the chance to sample some of the victuals of Winterfell in the flesh - in the unlikely location of Arby's.

In a totally unsanctioned and more than a little opportunist move, the sandwich giant are launching a medieval-style smoked turkey leg to go alongside its'The Meats' menu at selected locations across the United States.

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The turkey legs, which weigh about a pound and are cured in brown sugar before being smoked and served whole, will cost a kingly $5.99 and will hit stores this coming Sunday, August 27, in order to coincide with the finale of the seventh series.

And while Arby's insist that it isn't simply piggy - or should we say turkey - it's marketing bumf tells a different tale. It lists the various locations in which hungry Game of Thrones fans can feast on Thrones-themed fare with a suspiciously Starkian flair.

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Fargo, North Dakota is described as 'a frigid land in the north with ruthless winters and relentless snowfall' while Denver, Colorado gets 'a land of treacherous mountains divided by fertile river valleys with an abundance of stones'. Fair enough.

They wobble a little in their description of Atlanta as 'a land where the crown jewel of the Arby's family, our headquarters, resides'. Doesn't really sound like it came from the mouth of George RR Martin if we're honest - but Seattle is spot on: "A land of storms, savaged by heavy rain and wind, with a coast of deep blue water".

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We're not sure if Westeros has a Pacific Northwest, but if it does, it probably never stops raining there either.

The offer is available until stocks run out, so if you just can't survive the last episode of the season without a Dothraki dinner, then you know where you can get your fix.

As long you can find somewhere to park your dragon at the drive-thru.

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