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Piers Morgan Calls Himself the “King of the Internet” – Fails Dramatically

Piers Morgan Calls Himself the “King of the Internet” – Fails Dramatically

Piers Morgan was joined on Good Morning Britain today by rapper, Youtuber and social media personality KSI.

The pair had a Twitter contest live on air to crown the "King of the Internet" - to see who could get the most retweets and likes on their simple, matching Tweets: "I am the king of the internet @GMB"


Morgan went in with his usual cocky persona but was quickly shown up when his guest received over 6000 more retweets than the broadcaster.

KSI racked up 27k likes whilst Morgan only managed 9k - a very disappointing result on Twitter for the self-proclaimed "king" of the internet.


Morgan's top replies were, uh, less than pleasant towards the TV host - check out his original Tweet below to see what people shot back.

Morgan refused to let the drama die, despite his massive loss, as he posted a picture of the pair to his Twitter account after the end of the show. He captioned it "Kings of the internet" - regardless of his humiliating loss.

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Piers Morgan Slammed As He Mimics Chinese Language On Live TV

Piers Morgan Slammed As He Mimics Chinese Language On Live TV

Piers Morgan's recent exclusive interview with American President Donald Trump, conducted aboard the Presidents' private plane Air Force 1, drew 1.2 million viewers to its 10:30pm slot on ITV. Over on the BBC, a re-run of Have I Got News For You managed 1.5 million watchers.

Morgan was criticised for being overly friendly and not interrogating the US President on his controversial policies. It was only Trump's second UK interview since taking office - and both have been conducted by Morgan.

The Telegraph had called his previous interview with the President a "strange experience for us all."

Meanwhile, KSI's latest single, Uncontrollable, is out now on streaming services, currently sitting at 6,713,432 listeners on Spotify, whilst his hit song Lamborghini is at 25,427,503 plays.

The YouTube star is set for a boxing match with fellow controversial personality Logan Paul at Manchester Arena on Saturday 25th August - with tickets ranging from £34 to £163.

The undercard will feature both fighters' younger brothers, Deji and Jake Paul.

KSI has had just one other fight to date - against yet another YouTuber, Joe Weller. He won that fight by knockout, before declaring his ambitions to take on Paul, along with former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand.

Now, if we could get Piers Morgan into a ring with some gloves on, we might have something worth watching...

Words by Will Stevenson

Featured Image Credit: Good Morning Britain

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