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Pig Thinks It's A Dog After Moving In With Two Of Them

Pig Thinks It's A Dog After Moving In With Two Of Them

Oink! No, wait, ruff!

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Being from the farm, you'd assume a pig would be more than out of its comfort zone on a dog's turf. Think again.

Peaches the Pig gets along fine with her two canine housemates. So much so, she thinks she IS one.

Tori Trovato, 23, owns the unlikely trio of Bo, a Bullmastiff/Pitbull mix, Red, a Fox Red Lab, and Peaches, a Juliana/Potbelly mix pig.

Image: News Dog Media

Syracuse, NY, native Tori said: "[Peaches] definitely thinks she's just one of the pups. She eats, sleeps, and does everything with her dog brothers. She'll roll on her back to get her belly rubbed and she'll nudge you when it's time for her to eat.

"She has a leash for going outside just like Bo and Red. She thinks she's just part of the pack.

"The three of them love to take naps together. Especially outside in the sun when the weather is nice.

Image: News Dog Media

"Some days, when she's feeling energetic, Peaches likes to rip around the house and chase Bo and Red.

"Peaches is 110% the boss. You would think that two large dogs like Bo and Red would be dominant, but Peaches is the queen for sure.

"If Bo or Red is in her spot in the couch she will jump right up and make the boys move."

Credit: News Dog Media

Tori explained how Bo, who she had first, was initially bemused when she brought home Peaches in January 2014.

"When we first brought Peaches home, Bo sort of had the attitude like, 'What the heck is that thing?' He didn't know what to think of her," she said.

"Peaches was a bit timid at first but grew more and more comfortable with Bo each day. Before long the two were sunbathing together and snuggling every chance they got."

Featured image credit: News Dog Media

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