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Apparently Rich People Will Hunt And Kill Poor People For Fun By 2100

Patrick Hulbert

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Apparently Rich People Will Hunt And Kill Poor People For Fun By 2100

What will the future look like? Dystopian or utopian?

Cars that fly? Quadruple HD porn? Technology so advanced I can't even conjure up what it'll be?

People killing other people for fun? Wait...what??

Let's hope Dr Daniel Wright, from the University of Central Lancashire, is, unlike his surname, WRONG!


He is a senior lecturer in tourism and, it appears, has a very sceptical view of the future.

In under 100 years he believes this nightmare will be commonplace, with Running Man-esque activities played out for real.

Not on Ben Richards' watch!


He believes that the rich will move from foxes to humans for sport, with this becoming a common pastime by 2100. He even believes that by 2200 these could well be televised, like in The Hunger Games.

God, you're a right barrel of laughs, Dr Dan.

He firmly believes that our world will be disaster-stricken, hugely overpopulated and with a colossal gap between rich and poor. This is where he gets his tenuous tourism link in, as he believes that hunting the poor will control the population and become a sport in the process. A money-making process.

He states, (weirdly as if it has already happened, like he's actually been there in a time machine or something): "Due to the strain on resources for human survival the practice gradually became more recognisable and acceptable on the part of the wider population who form part of the wealthy-elite.


"Now, in 2200, it is common practice for such human hunting activities to take place sold as stag, team building events, and has become increasingly popular in the gambling industry.

"The locations in which 'hunting humans' activities take place are seen as modern day tourism entertainment parks."


Tally ho! Let's go hunt some humans! Credit: Getty Images/Matt Cardy

Let's hope he's very much wrong. If not, I hope my family-to-be are the ones placing the bets.

All I know is I'll never invite Dr Dan round for dinner. Bleak bastard.

Words Patrick Hulbert

Patrick Hulbert
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