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Girl Embarrasses Men Over 'Explicit' Pics By Forwarding Them On To Their Mums

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Girl Embarrasses Men Over 'Explicit' Pics By Forwarding Them On To Their Mums

Picture the scene: a young man is engaged in Snapchat conversation with the object of his affections. He's doing well, he thinks: the conversation is flowing nicely. In a sudden flush of optimism, he opts to push his luck by sending a picture. And not of his beaming, handsome face, either.

Nope, apparently it's dick pic time. Mysteriously, the conversation is suddenly over, with the person on the other side seemingly unimpressed. Is it to do with the size or shape of his manhood, he wonders? Nope, its probably the fact that he's sent someone a totally unsolicited picture of his penis.

Having received one unrequested dick pic too many, Rebecca McGregor decided to take action.

Send the 21-year-old lingerie model and photographer a picture of your cock, and she'll make you look like one when she forwards it on to your mum.


Credit: Facebook

McGregor, from Aberdeen, Scotland, says she's fed up of men being 'disrespectful' and sending her the explicit photographs - claiming she receives about three per day.

After being pinged a message on Snapchat of a man revealing his torso and (more significantly) his penis, Jessica said it was 'the straw that broke the camel's back'.


She found his mother on social media and sent her a message: "Hey doll, I see you're listed as [name removed]'s mother? I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women - see attached xx."

Credit: Facebook

Jessica told the Daily Mail: "I find the men sending these images really disrespectful and it makes me uncomfortable.


"I receive them at least three times a day, unsolicited, and mostly, they will just send them and not even try to say hi.

"Some might try and make conversation, but generally they just send them out of the blue and they appear in my inbox."

Adding that she doesn't find it amusing, Jessica goes on to claim that she is more 'old-fashioned'.

"I believe that people should have to work before they get to see that kind of thing," she says.


"Boys use the word 'grafting' nowadays to mean they are trying to win over a girl, but they're not really working because it's a case of sending images and they end up sleeping with each other straight away."

Credit: PA

Those posts aren't just saved for the mother of the man who sends a dick pic, it's also put on her Facebook account. Rebecca is a big campaigner against sexual abuse, and sexual harassment.


She doesn't want to go to the police, noting that they have 'better things to deal with', but social media is a good way of shaming (providing names are removed, of course).

McGregor also says she's been subject to such pictures from boys aged only 13 or 14 years old.

Credit: Facebook

She added: "I hope [the sender's mum] would understand why I did what I did and would explain that he shouldn't just send images like that.

"This kind of puts me off having partner because a few of the men who have messaged me these explicit images aren't single.

"I've even wondered if I should contact their girlfriends and tell them what their partners have done. I feel sorry for them."

You wouldn't blame her. In fact, many would argue she is doing the right thing.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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