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Passenger Shocked By Flight Attendant's Cheeky Response To Window Seat Request

Passenger Shocked By Flight Attendant's Cheeky Response To Window Seat Request

Despite being the portal to holidays and happier times, flights themselves can be stressful experiences. They're a means to an end, a bit like surgery - unpleasant during, but you'll be better off in the long run. Well, once you've landed, or perhaps been hooked up with the prosthetic testicle of your dreams.

The stress - the weight limits, the check-in queues, the turbulence - can often lead people to be a little more uptight and a little less polite than usual (eh, Mum?). But when one passenger in Japan found themselves a little... er, 'overwhelmed', their flight attendant was having absolutely none of it.


The incident in question arose after a passenger who had requested a window seat was put in a row without a window.

As the crew made their way around the aircraft, the aggrieved passenger blurted out 'give me a window seat', according to the Daily Mail.

The flight attendant is then reported to have walked away briefly, during which period the passenger presumably thought the cabin crew were preparing a special cushion and a path of rose petals to guide him to the window seat of his dreams. But alas, this was not the case.

The flight attendant soon returned with a piece of paper which they stuck to the bare wall next to the man with sticky tape, before walking off once again. The paper was illustrated with a window and some not so stunning scenery, including two sort of clouds - 'TA-DA, your window seat sir!'

The 'window' drawn by the flight attendant. Vieeeeews. Credit: @kooo_TmS_suke
The 'window' drawn by the flight attendant. Vieeeeews. Credit: @kooo_TmS_suke

It is not known which airline was operating the flight, nor is it known what face the passenger in question made once confronted with his 'window seat', but safe money says it was probably something like this:

The safe money also says the flight attendant's employer would not endorse this response, but undoubtedly flight attendants have a lot of stress to deal with too. In different less stressful circumstances, the man may have asked: "Excuse me, would you be ever so kind as to move me to a window seat, as requested?"

And the flight attendant, on a different day, may have replied: "Why of course, won't be one moment and I'll get it sorted. How about we go for a drink too once we land?", thus prompting the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship between the two.

Sadly, in this universe, this was not the case.

But while the flight attendant's employers may not approve, the Twittersphere does, with a picture of the 'window' reaching 8,000 retweets and 15,000 likes... Though 'the safe money' says the flight attendant is hoping the picture doesn't gain too much notoriety.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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