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MRI Operator Gets Fired After Doing Lines With A Patient

MRI Operator Gets Fired After Doing Lines With A Patient

This is definitely an example of getting fired "for an absolute good reason."

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

An MRI operator from New York lost his job after snorting cocaine with a patient. His TikTok video, which tells this story, has had more than 20,000 shares. But the real question is: what happened next?

The man created a stitch with another TikTok creator, hey_brighteyes, who called upon people to share a story about getting fired for "an actual good reason." After hearing about getting fired from Target for giving away some breadsticks, it's safe to say jimmynewyork13's 'getting fired story' wins.

Responding to the challenge, jimmynewyork13, who has more than 15,000 followers on TikTok, is seen in the video stood in front of an MRI scanner - the alleged scene of the crime - telling his story.

During the video, he says a patient had come for an MRI scan and he asked her to empty her pockets - because you can't have anything in your pockets during an MRI scan. It was at this moment that she pulled out a little "baggy," as the radiographer describes it, containing $20 worth of what is assumed to be cocaine, but this wasn't actually said in the video.

The patient and the radiographer laughed, and she offered him some of the cocaine. "Being the professional I am," says the man in the video, "I said 'no' of course." But, he said, the patient insisted, "so I gave in," he said with a smirk.

They both started to do a couple of lines off the MRI scanner when the man's manager walked in and they were caught red (or white?) handed.

"And that's how I lost my job - for an absolute good reason," he said.

To the surprise of some TikTok users, jimmynewyork13 confirmed he is still working as an MRI operator, albeit not in the same hospital. The incident happened ten years ago, and he says he's "been clean ever since."

What Happens If You Take Cocaine?

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/jimmynewyork13

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