Woman Smashes Out Front Teeth After 'Too Many Mimosas'

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Woman Smashes Out Front Teeth After 'Too Many Mimosas'

A woman on TikTok has become the subject of a cautionary tale about what happens when you drink too many mimosas. It doesn't end well.


The young woman, with the username autmuncathy6, appears at the start of the video talking to the camera, "This is me after four mimosas," she said.

The video shows clips of her friends and family doing the same as the drinking session progresses. Viewers see Autumn Cathey after four, six, and seven mimosas before it all ends in tears.


Mimosas are made by mixing champagne with a citrus juice - usually orange. They're usually served in champagne flutes at classy events like weddings.

But on this occasion, the mimosa drinking wasn't so, well, refined. It perhaps demonstrates why this cocktail wasn't designed to be drank in mass quantities. The video is captioned "Bottomless mimosas are a drug // wait till the end. TikTok took it down."

Cathey is up to seven mimosas in the video before it all ends in tears. A clip of her climbing onto the shoulders of her friend (who also appears a bit wobbly after several drinks) was shown. It doesn't take a lot to guess what happened next.

The next clip shows Cathey with a bloody face and several top teeth missing. TikTok took the original video down, but Cathey has since uploaded it again and others have uploaded videos of themselves reacting to the gory ending.


"I've never gasped out loud at a TikTok video before," commented one user.

"This is me never drinking a mimosa," said another.

What happened to her teeth?

After the video went viral, thousands of people have been commenting, asking if Cathey is okay and if her smile could be saved.


Luckily, she confirmed her teeth were "pushed straight back in" and glue was applied to the entire row of her top teeth.

The bar tender got in touch in the comments, saying, "Hey guys, I was your server that day. Everyone doing alright?" To which Cathey replied, "Omg!!! Haha yes totally fine! Just a little traumatized."

Whilst some blame the bar tender for serving her party too much alcohol, others have defended the server, saying they shouldn't be held accountable. But one thing can be agreed: don't climb on somebody's shoulders after too many mimosas.

I think it's safe to assume that Cathey won't be drinking mimosas again anytime soon - at least not in that quantity.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/autumncathy6

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