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Dutch TV Make Pisstake Video To Troll Donald Trump

Mel Ramsay

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Dutch TV Make Pisstake Video To Troll Donald Trump

A Dutch TV show has trolled President Donald Trump in the funniest way ever with their 'welcome video'.

Zondag Met Lubach, a news satire show, released the fake tourism video (with the voiceover done by a Donald Trump impressionist) and it has absolutely nailed it.

Host Arjen Lubach introduces the video by stating: "It's gonna be a great video."

However, I know what it's like. You click on an article and find out that to get to the really good bit you have to watch a four-minute video. Life is fast-paced and, let's face it, sometimes you just don't have time.


Well, don't worry, my article-reading friend. I've got you covered by writing it all out for you. No, please... The flowers and applause aren't necessary.

Remember, the video features a great Donald Trump impression and comedic timing so if you can, I would watch it.

Here goes:


"This is a message from the government of The Netherlands...

"Dear Mr President. Welcome to this introduction video about the Netherlands. It's gonna be a great video, it's gonna be absolutely fantastic.

"Our founding father was William of Orange who fought against the Spanish.


"The Spanish were total scumbags, they fought against us for 80 years but they couldn't beat us. Couldn't do it. Total losers. They're all dead now by the way.

"We speak Dutch. It's the best language in Europe. We've got the best words. All the other languages failed. Danish... total disaster. German is not even a real language. It's fake. It's a fake language.


"We've got Ponypark Slagharen, which has got the best pony park in the world. It's true. They're the best ponies, they are. You can ride them, you can date them, you can grab 'em by the pony, it's fantastic.

"This is the Afsluitdijk. It's a great, great wall that we built to protect us from all the water in Mexico. We built an entire ocean, okay. An entire ocean between us and Mexico. Nobody builds oceans better than we do. This ocean is so big you can even see it from the moon. And we made the Mexicans pay for it. It's true.


"You've got the Trump Towers, we've got Lee Towers. He would've loved to sing at your inauguration. Amazing voice. Gotta love him.

"We've got Madurodam, which is the greatest miniature town in the world. It's great. Well, it's tiny, but it's great.

"The squares are so small you don't need many people to fill them. It's great.

"This is Gerry Eickhof.

"In December, we've got this scandalous tradition of Black Pete...It's the most offensive, the most racist thing you've ever seen. You'll love it, it's great.

"We also have a disabled politician for you to make fun of. Her name is Jetta Klijnsma. She is from the ministry of Silly Walks. You'll do a great impression of her. Can't wait to see it.

"People tell us, important people, they tell us we've got the best tax evasion system God ever created. It is just unbelievable. You should tell your sons to put all your... sorry, THEIR business here. You'll pay no taxes at all. Zero! It's ridiculous!

"And last but not least, we've got a great, great, great dependency on the United States. It's huge. If you screw NATO, you're gonna make our problems great again. They're gonna be huge, they're gonna be enormous. It's true. Please don't.

"We totally understand it's going to be America first. But can we just say: 'The Netherlands second? Is that okay? Thank you for watching and best wishes'.

"We've got the best wishes in the Netherlands. They're great, it's true."

Well done, Netherlands. You've just won 2017.

Featured Image Credit: vpro zondag met lubach

Topics: Donald Trump, TV, Troll

Mel Ramsay
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