American Boxer Wearing 'America 1st' Shorts Gets Knocked Out By Mexican

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Boxers aren't shy about being cocky and trying to get under the skin of their opponent. However, usually if it all goes wrong and they lose they end up looking more than just a little bit silly.

Rod Salka, an American boxer, made himself look like an absolute moron the other day by trying to make a political statement against his Mexican opponent before getting seven shades kicked into him.

Salka was going toe to toe with Francisco Vargas at a Golden Boy Promotions event in Indio, California and the Pennsylvania decided to take to the ring in shorts that were red, white, and blue, patterned with a wall, and said 'America 1st' on the belt.

This is obviously a reference to Donald Trump's 'America First' chat that saw him gain so much success on his whirlwind journey to the White House, as well as The Donald's border wall that he promised and continues to promise will be built between the USA and Mexico.

You'd think this statement might play well at a USA based event, however, making a statement like that requires you to not get your head kicked in if it is to be taken seriously.

Vargas, known as 'El Bandido' - The Bandit - absolutely crushed the American wise-guy in six rounds.

After several rounds of punishment Salka's corner decided to throw the towel in between rounds and Salka was out on his chair. They were presumably worried about the huge cut that his Mexican opponent had opened up above his eye.

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That meant that not only did Vargas retain his WBC Super Featherweight championship belt, but he also dealt a lesson to Salka about when it is and is not a good idea to poke the proverbial bear.

Although, you'd have to imagine that Salka had every right to be confident - he had won his five previous fights before the Vargas bout and must have harboured a genuine belief that he could beat him.

You'd hope that he might learn from this and come back stronger and humbler - although he is a boxer, so I suspect not.

Perhaps he will keep his mouth shut when it comes to politics before future fights.

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