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We Have Reached Peak Australia As Kangaroo Stops Football Match

We Have Reached Peak Australia As Kangaroo Stops Football Match

The Australian football team are currently struggling through the World Cup in Russia.

Having lost to France and then drawn with Denmark, their qualification hopes hang by a thread, with a victory over Peru and a favourable result in the other match required to see them through.

Perhaps, just perhaps, they need a hero.

That hero might well have shown his face at a women's league match in the Australian capital of Canberra.

Canberra FC Ladies were losing by a goal to nil to Belconnen United Ladies when a kangaroo invaded the pitch and refused to leave.

The players were initially amused by the bouncing pitch invader, playing with it and passing the ball at it, but it soon turned into more of a frustration as the kanga sent them hopping mad by refusing to leave.

It would occasionally bound from the field of play and allow the game to restart, only to return and force another stoppage.

At one point it actually ran directly through as a player was attempting to take a throw in, causing several of the players to scatter out of its way to avoid injury.


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The game was eventually stopped for twenty minutes as the kangaroo took a lie down in one of the penalty areas.

The commentators were at least enjoying the spectacle. "Oh dear. We're getting close," said Russ Gibbs, the main presenter, when the roo jumped down an alleyway and appeared to make its exit.

Of course, it returned again, prompting him to say "The kangaroo is on the field of play" a few more times than he probably bargained for.

"[It's] racing across the field, scattering players left and right, bearing down on goal," he added, before eventually a pickup truck was brought onto the field to remove the marsupial pitch invader.


They were unsuccessful in apprehending the interloper, but it decided to take its leave of proceedings of its own accord.

"We're obviously trying to do the best thing for the kangaroo without hurting it ... and he's out of the gate and he's gone!" exclaimed Gibbs as the kangaroo bounced off into the city.

Short of the Socceroos starting with Tom Rogic, Tim Cahill, Steve Irwin, Toady off of Neighbours, Jimmy Barnes, Dani Minogue, Darren Lockyer, Shane Warne, Les Patterson, Blinky Bill and Skippy himself against Peru on Tuesday, we're confident that this is the most Australian thing you'll see this week.

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