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John Cena And Nikki Bella Strip Off To Celebrate Getting Half A Million Followers

John Cena And Nikki Bella Strip Off To Celebrate Getting Half A Million Followers

A bet is a bet!

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Big softy Cena agreed to his fiancé that if she and her sister's YouTube channel reached 500 thousand subscribers then he would take off his clothes.

Well Nikki and Brie Bella topped that milestone but it took a few days to convince John to own up to his side of the deal.

They posted a video where Nikki and John are holding a sign saying 500,000 and thanking everyone for joining up to their channel.

Check it out here:

Credit: YouTube/The Bella Twins

The female WWE wrestler tells the camera: "OK this is a very good idea because why we got half a million subscribers so we are ready to give all of us to all of you."

Now John doesn't look 100% into it. But when his soon to be wife tells him to 'shut up and take off your clothes' who wants to refuse that?

They strip off until the camera zooms out and unfortunately their best bits are blurred out. Damn censoring!


Credit: YouTube/The Bella Twins

John gets cheeky and says: "I think my tube is on YouTube."

He proposed to Nikki only two weeks ago in typical WWE style. In front of thousands of fans in the stadium and millions around the world, John got down on one knee and said 'I've been waiting so long to ask you this, Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, will you marry me."

A Hollywood producer literally couldn't have scripted that better.

But that's not the first time John bared all on camera.

His arse was on full show when he played Amy Schumer's casual fuck-buddy in her comedy Trainwreck.

The WWE star told Jimmy Kimmel Live: "[I have a] 'big part' because of the costume department. I was gifted a stunt penis."

"I had to do a sex scene, which involved me being almost all the way naked," Cena explained. "I had to stuff myself in a small nylon sock, and they gave me a stunt penis to insinuate an erection."

But he's going to be appearing in movies a lot more. He made his film debut in 2000 for Ready to Rumble where he played a gym trainer.

In this year alone he'll be in three movies: The Wall, Daddy's Home 2 and Ferdinand.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/The Bella Twins

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