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Harry Maguire Gets Involved With His Own Meme And It's Absolutely Hilarious

Harry Maguire Gets Involved With His Own Meme And It's Absolutely Hilarious

The World Cup will not be won with footbal, but with online #bantz

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

There have been some top memes floating around on the internet since England started playing like they actually know who one another is, but nothing has come close to Harry Maguire.

Harry, who - let's face it - looks like he drives a tractor for a living, rather than being a world class centre-half, was snapped chatting to a beautiful, but disinterested looking woman in the crowd following England's dramatic penalty shootout win over Colombia.

The woman in question is Fern Hawkins, his girlfriend, and the moment is probably perfectly normal, but the photo captured a moment where she didn't look particularly up for chatting about football. She probably has to do a fair bit of it.

As we all know, that's all it takes. The internet got stuck in and went with it.

Actually, Kyle Walker also waded in on his teammate. He re-posted the picture:

Excellent work. We can almost see the woman nodding and politely smiling now.

Now Harry Maguire has waded into the meme-fest himself and added his own take on it.

Re-posting the picture, he wrote: "Can you ask the neighbours to put the bins out on Monday? We're not going home just yet"

He's right too. Even if they lose to Croatia on Wednesday night - which, let's be honest, doesn't bear thinking about - they will still have a third place play-off to negotiate, and nobody wants to be in that game.

In fact, why do they even have that? Nobody needs to know who is the third best team in the world. Anything below top spot is not worth entertaining.

Croatia will offer a stern test to England, though. They've got a great midfield and are pretty handy in attack too. England will need to step up and remember that these are a better side than Sweden offered.

You've got to be in it to win it, though, and they definitely aren't coming home yet.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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