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Paul Rudd Has A Secret Irish Bar In His Gaff

Paul Rudd Has A Secret Irish Bar In His Gaff

Paul Rudd's Irish Pub might sound like something that Alan Partridge suggests for a TV show, but it's totally real.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Paul Rudd's Irish Pub might sound like something deleted from Alan Partridge's dictaphone, but it's 100% a thing. A real thing that exists in the Hollywood actor's house in a small village in New York state.

Rudd built the pub after his father died, as a kind of tribute to his dad, who also had his own Irish pub. Michael Rudd lived in Kansas City and had installed his own watering hole in his basement and was planning on moving to join his son in the village of Rhinebeck, New York, but fell ill with cancer and passed away. Rudd paid tribute by installing what he called his "East Coast Annex", an Irish bar called Sullivan's that, he says, has Guinness on tap.


Given such a sterling Irish addition to him home, you might think that Paul Rudd, like so many Americans, is of solid Irish stock. He's not: in fact, there's not a drop of our blood in his veins. Both of his parents were born in London and are of Jewish extraction, while Paul himself was born in New Jersey, raised in Kansas and California and now lives in New York.

To try and make a tenuous connection, I trawled through his filmography on Wikipedia to see if he's ever even played an Irish American. Film fans of a certain vintage will remember his debut in Clueless, where he was Jewish, or Romeo + Juliet (the good 90s version) where he was...Italian?

Ant-Man is an ant, so I have no idea what his ethnicity was, and I'm guessing Brian Fantana, his celebrated role in the two Anchorman movies wasn't one of us, though he could be on his mother's side, with a name like Brian. Or from the Fantana's of Monaghan maybe. Great ice cream parlour there.

Oh! Mike Hannigan from Friends! That's a great Irish name. All is justified. Paul, welcome aboard.

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