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Guy Arrives At Airport With Dad's Passport Then Flies To Wrong Destination

Guy Arrives At Airport With Dad's Passport Then Flies To Wrong Destination

I have a habit of constantly checking that my passport is in my bag. I don't stop stressing until I'm on the plane - although I did have a mini-heart attack when I once left my passport sitting in the little pocket on the seat in front of me.

But I don't think I've ever rocked up with my dad's expired passport. Unfortunately, that was the conundrum that Nathan Webb found himself in when he was due to fly out with his mates to Greece.


He called his dad, Kevin, in a panic and asked if there was any chance he could drive the right document over. The only problem was that it was 5am when Nathan called. But Kevin being the legend that he is, drove the passport all the way to London Stansted Airport in Essex.

Nathan's mates couldn't wait any longer and jumped on the flight, while he had to organise a new flight. That would have cost a fortune.

The shop assistant had to wait another 12 hours until his flight left, so he probably became an expert at the airport map. Exhausted from the day's activities, he arrived in Kos, ready to get the holiday under way.

But Nathan was shocked to realise that his mates were 560 miles away on the Greek island of Kavos. He called his sister, who was holidaying in Tenerife, and asked if she could help him out.


The hotel Nathan ended up in in Kos. (Credit: PA)

It wasn't until midnight the next night, that Nathan finally arrived on the right Greek island to meet up with his pals. His dad has told the Dundee Courier: "He was the talk of the town on Facebook and the hotel in Kavos where he was staying. What a wally.

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"He had been here, there, and everywhere, and probably had a better adventure during those two days than the entire holiday."

Nathan says that he looks back on the drama with laughter. Look, I can see how you can get Kavos and Kos mixed up considering it was very early in the morning and there are only two letters to distinguish the two.

Also, most Greek islands, including both Kos and Kavos, are bloody gorgeous so it's not as if he was in the worst part of the world. Hopefully he might check his passport and travel details twice before his next trip.

But apparently it can be easy to get your destination wrong. Richella Heekin and Ben Marlow were reeling when they'd booked flights to Vegas from Birmingham, Alabama, rather than Birmingham in the West Midlands.

Richella and Ben
Richella and Ben

Credit: Richella Heekin/Facebook

When they got to the airport they realised that the flights were booked from not only the wrong airport, but also the wrong country. They were told they were unable to get a refund despite the kerfuffle and so had to settle for a trip to Amsterdam. But luckily, Virgin came to their aid and the pair were offered a five-night stay in a five-star hotel in Sin City.

And what about poor Dutch backpacker Milan Schipper? He really wanted to go to Australia and when he saw a cheap flight for only £800 instead of the usual £1000, he was so excited to book it.

Milan didn't realise there is more than one Sydney. There's the one in Australia, another city in Canada, one in North Dakota in the US, another in South Africa, and an island in the Pacific.

Our fateful traveller ended up in the Canadian Sydney in Nova Scotia. Amazingly, he wasn't the only person to make the same mistake.

He met someone on the plane who also thought they were going to Australia. She was really upset, too. But much like Richella and Ben, Air Canada felt bad for him and gave him free tickets.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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