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Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Get Crunk On Shots While On Holiday

Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield Get Crunk On Shots While On Holiday

The cast and crew of breakfast television have a tough job: they're awake very early in the morning, every single day, and can't stay up late socialising most nights. So it's no surprise that when they're on holiday, they turn the volume up a bit.

But it wasn't just Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield from ITV's This Morning spending some time quality together, they had a few extra pals. Joining them on their trip to Portugal was The Chase host, Bradley Walsh, and Dragon's Den star Peter Jones.

However, it looked like things got very randy during one evening of the holiday when they were presented with a delicious looking line of shots. If I were to guess, they would definitely be filled with tequila.


Credit: Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

In a series of short videos uploaded to Schofield's Snapchat, the gang is seen sat at a large white table. Bradley Walsh looked a bit shocked when the shots arrived, asking: "Are these all for me?"

But shit, well and truly, hit the fan when it was Mrs Willoughby's turn to pass the shots around the table. The TV host tried to slide the tray across to Bradley Walsh, but several spilled over and onto the tablecloth.

Phillip is heard saying: "Holly bloody sodding Willoughby, spilled the whole... God damn!" But Holly wastes no time jumping out of her seat to clean up the small mess.

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Schofield has been regularly updating his Snapchat story throughout the holiday, with one snap containing both he and Holly with the caption, 'Reunited'. Holly has also been spending part of her holiday celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband.

Holly and Phillip
Holly and Phillip

Credit: Phillip Schofield/Snapchat


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But fans of This Morning won't have to wait too much longer before their beloved hosts return to the telly. A Twitter user complained: "I don't like This Morning without @schofe." So Phillip jumped in to settle the speculation, confirming they'd be back to their normal duties by September 4.

Eamonn Holmes, Ruth Langsford and Sarah Greene have been holding down the fort until Phillip and Holly return.

You can't blame them for blowing off a bit of steam on their well-deserved holiday; but you can blame Holly for not passing the shots properly.

Featured Image Credit: Phillip Schofield/Snapchat

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