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Jimmy Carr's Has Savage Put Down Of 'Your Face Or Mine' Guest

Jimmy Carr's Has Savage Put Down Of 'Your Face Or Mine' Guest

Jimmy delivers a caustic blow to one of his guests on the rebooted Your Face Or Mine. Thankfully, she takes it all in good humour.

Jimmy Carr is known for having a sardonic edge to his humour and - judging by a recently clip from Your Face Or Mine - that's not going to change any time soon. Watch it here and be prepared for a harsh, harsh comment:

Credit: Comedy Central / Your Face Or Mine

Talking to his guest, Jess, he asks her if it's true she'd rather be three hours late and look good than be on time and look a state.

When she replies 'yes', his response is about as savage as it gets. "Well, I appreciate you being on time today," he says, deadpan as it gets.

Luckily, Jess takes it in her stride and sees the funny side, bursting into laughter.

Credit: Comedy Central / Your Face Or Mine

Jimmy's attention then turns to her partner, Luke, who works as a docker and appears incredibly laid back.

"You've got a really chilled voice as well," he says to Luke. "I can't imagine you ever going 'There's a fire'."

"All the lads, they're all burning alive," continues Jimmy in a perfect impression of his guest. "Gotta get help."

Credit: Comedy Central / Your Face Or Mine

The show returned to our screens earlier this year after an absence of almost 15 years. Originally, it aired between September 2002 and April 2003, and starred Jimmy and June Sarpong as the hosts.

Speaking about the return at the time, Jimmy Carr said: "I'm delighted to be bringing back Your Face Or Mine to Comedy Central. In an age when people are forever judging individuals on how they look, placing attractiveness on a pedestal above intelligence, and forcing others to fit societal norms of beauty, why not make them do all of those things, to their loved ones, on national television and for money?"

For its reboot, Canadian comedian Katherine Ryan sits next to Jimmy and the chemistry is perfect.

Featured Image Credit: Comedy Central / Your Face Or Mine​

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