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Danny Dyer Opens Up About Raising Kids In The Only Way He Could

Danny Dyer Opens Up About Raising Kids In The Only Way He Could

Couldn't get his nut around it.

Josh Teal

Josh Teal

Danny Dyer has opened up about his experiences raising children in a typically Danny Dyer fashion.

Footage from Channel 4 show Parenting For Idiots, where a selection of famous people reveal their funny moments shared with their kids, shows the Eastenders actor joking about bringing up his three children.

"It's like borrowing a baby orangutan and it just wants to eat and smash things up and it don't want to sleep and it's killing me. Look at the state of me," he says.

Video: Channel 4

Dyer then said: "I got her a house this year for Christmas. Well Father Christmas did, erm.

"I said that cause she's sitting there. I fucked it."

Speaking about what it was like having his son, Arty, the full-time cockney said: "I couldn't wait to have a boy because as much, you know... I love my girls with all my heart. I was sick of trying to put a bikini on a barbie."

"Honestly, it's graft mate." he added.

Dyer with his two daughters in 2004. Image: PA

And when it comes to homework, don't get him started. Dyer said: "She comes home with this homework, is it fucking ridiculous. I cannot get my nut around it. I can't do it. I mean, she had homework once, it was like 'name seven magnets'.

"I was like, well fridge magnet. Erm."

Same here, Danny.

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