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LAD Bored Of Waiting For Girlfriend To Get Ready Mocks Up Copycat Selfie

Michael Minay

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LAD Bored Of Waiting For Girlfriend To Get Ready Mocks Up Copycat Selfie

"I'll be ready in 5 minutes" - it's been heard by many a bloke waiting for his missus to get ready before going out.

Half an hour later, and you may be close to getting out the door. Frustrating?

Two LADs thought so and decided to mock one of their girlfriend's routine by adapting their outfits for ridiculous drag - which including the use of tin foil and iPhone cables.

Alex Bellis and James Davies were waiting for the latter's girlfriend and her best mate to get ready when they received a selfie from the pair of their outfit choices.

The pranksters decided to take the piss with a selfie showing them 'clashing' ahead of the night out in Liverpool.

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

"I was sat in my flat drinking with Alex as we had planned to join them later on," James explained.

"They hadn't text us for ages because they were getting ready so we were just waiting for them to get in touch so we knew what the plans were."

When the girls sent the picture, Alex came up with the masterplan which involved taping their shirts on to look like the girls' dresses, and, in Alex's case, wrapping an iPhone cable around his neck to imitate an expensive slim white necklace.

Credit: Caters

James added: "We just ran around and grabbed whatever we could

"I wrapped tinfoil around my neck to look like one of those chokers and he just wrapped a phone lead around him.

"We took our arms out of our sleeves and taped our t-shirts to ourselves to look like dresses and then we tried to pose for the picture.

"It was great because we already had the same colours on as the girls so it worked well."

Thankfully, neither of them were left in the dog house as the girls took it in good spirits.

Ginelle, James' girlfriend, said: "To be fair I wasn't surprised at all when we received the text. They always do things like this, they're always messing around. It's like they are a double act."

James added that the girls have a bit more 'class' about them and couldn't do a full night out together.

"They are both really classy but me and Alex get a bit bored in the classy places and start joking around," he said. "Which is why we always meet them half way through the night out."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

Michael Minay
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