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LAD Lies To Go On A Date, But Runs Out Of Fuel In A Safari Park

LAD Lies To Go On A Date, But Runs Out Of Fuel In A Safari Park

As first dates go, it's certainly memorable.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

We all do it - lie through our teeth to get out of something that we really don't want to do, or to make time to do something we actually want to do. However, it's always horrible when you get found out and end up looking a bit daft.

With that in mind, let me tell you the story of Nathan Hines.

Nathan had a dilemma. He is a keen cricketer and had been selected to play for Halesowen Cricket Club against Beacon in a quarter final match. However, he also wanted to go on a date with the groundsman's daughter on the same day.

Decisions, decisions.

Facebook/Nath Hines

He made the choice to lie to the cricket club and go on the date. We can all sympathise, I'm sure. The only issue was that he got found out when his car ran out of fuel and he had to be rescued from the middle of a lion-infested safari park by staff.

Oh dear.

Eventually, the news of this filtered back to the cricket club, who released a hilarious statement that said: "The club are delighted to report that 2nd XI player Nathan Hines is now home safe and sound after his car ran out of petrol in the lion enclosure at West Midlands Safari Park last Sunday.

"We hope this will be a strong lesson to any other players who wish to use the excuse of "moving house" for being unavailable, whilst actually taking the groundsman's daughter on a sneaky date."

As for Nathan, he told LADbible his story. He said: "I was selected to play an important cup match for Halesowen cricket club and I said I was going to play it until and day before. I messaged the captain saying I couldn't play as I was moving house but in actual fact went out with a girl on a date.

"It was going well until we arrived in the lion enclosure and my car ran out of fuel. I then had to call the safari park to get me out."

Halesowen Cricket Club

Oh well, never mind. The team won the match, and Nathan reckons he wants to see her again. All's well that ends well, eh?

When asked what his plans are for a second date, if he gets one, he said: "I'm thinking of the zoo as you can't run out of fuel there."

True - although given the first attempt, maybe it's best to just remove the variable of large animals from the mix altogether.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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