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Man Sues Strip Club Over £7,500 Bill He Racked Up While He Was Fuck-Faced

Man Sues Strip Club Over £7,500 Bill He Racked Up While He Was Fuck-Faced

A skint, but no doubt content, Gil David outside Central London County Court. Image: Paul Keogh

You know those nights that start out with a pint of pale ale and end up with you spending your entire monthly income on motorboats in a strip club, crying to your taxi driver and waking up on the kitchen floor with two pieces of pepperoni covering your eyes? We've all been there.


But this guy's gone a bit far, if you ask me.

Gil David, 34, has sued Spearmint Rhino after splashing £7,500 on strippers while he was fucked on a stag do.

Back in August 2013, Gil said went out in Bournemouth and apparently smashed more than 30 drinks in 12 hours. When he woke up the next morning, he was lumped with a hefty credit card bill in his hotel room. £1,800 of it alone accounted to the tips he'd given the dancers at the club.

Standing before the Central London County Court, Gil claimed Spearmint Rhino "exploited" his personal state.


'Take £400, split it between you and save it for a rainy day, ladies!' Image: Getty

"I wasn't in control of my faculties and didn't realise what I was doing and what I was spending," he said.

"I was coerced into spending what turned out to be a third of my salary in five hours.

"I'm not an oligarch or a footballer."

Robert Sutherland, solicitor for the club, rubbished claims that Gil was taken advantage of.

Both sides eventually made a settlement. Gil received a confidential sum after Jude Andrew Lenon QC conceded that the parties were never gonna settle lap-gate.

By the way, 'I'm not an oligarch or a footballer' is my new stock answer for when anyone sets me a task.

Words by Josh Teal

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Josh Teal

Josh Teal is a journalist at LADbible. He has contributed to the 'Knowing Me, Knowing EU' and 'UOKM8?' campaigns interviewing everyone from student drug dealers to climate change activists.


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