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Man Complained About Welsh People Speaking Welsh At Pub In Wales

Man Complained About Welsh People Speaking Welsh At Pub In Wales

We all know the type: the worst of the Brit abroad, the 'dos cervesas, Diego', the plastic chair-chucking, lobster red, angrily shouting at locals for the directions to the beach, the Les Cadburys Fingres, gammon on tour type.

If you don't know this person, it's probably you. They're half the reason why Brits are known all over Europe as some of the worst tourists around, turning up in nice parts of the continent and ruining the place since package holidays immemorial.

Of course, this is a problem that we usually export, but it's nice to know that such a mentality is alive and well at home too. Sort of.


A pub landlord in Wales has given a hilarious response to a customer who complained on TripAdvisor that patrons in his pub weren't speaking English - even though they were speaking Welsh.

"A group of us turned in after a walk in the area," reads the review, now since deleted, written by a man only giving his name as 'Jon G'.

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He said: "Straight away when we ordered the locals realised we were English and then started talking in Welsh and laughing."

"They then put the jukebox on really loud, so much so we couldn't hear our conversation. We drank up and moved to the pub next door. So basically, when the other 15 of our group turned up we spent the next few hours drinking and laughing. So their loss really. Won't be going back."

How dare they?! Staying where they are, speaking their own language - the cheek. Luckily, Dewi Sion, the landlord of the pub - The George in Bethesda, Bangor - stepped in to put the poster back in his place.

"Thank you very much for your review. I can assure you that I very much enjoyed reading it," wrote Dewi.

"Can I say that I fully empathise with the dilemma that you felt with visiting the pub. I and a few of my friends have been victims of this exact same scenario whilst on holiday in Hungary, France, Spain and Germany.

"We were absolutely devastated by the fact that when we walked into the bar everyone started conversing in Hungarian, French, Spanish and German instead of Welsh!

"What is surprising though that this is not an uncommon occurrence though as an acquaintance of mine who is from Amadeupcountry who is fluent in Amadeuplanguage once told me of his visit to Shropshire when he became thirsty and in need of a beer.

"He was heartbroken to hear everyone change their language from Amadeuplanguage to English!

"So, as you see, I do apologise for what happened; but to be honest I do feel that you have been just a tiny bit judgemental in your review."

Don't apologise, Dewi. You're not the problem here.

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