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Drake Spent Over £500 In Nando's Because He's Drake

Drake Spent Over £500 In Nando's Because He's Drake

He's writing a song about the restaurant.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

It doesn't matter where you are, who you are, or what you're up to - at any given time you're at least 50 feet away from a Nando's.

And when you have so many of the restaurants to choose from, getting a quick fix of chicken and PERi-PERi, then you really can't be blamed for blowing a chunk of your monthly wage in the chain.

This has been exemplified by Canadian hip hop prodigy Drake, who couldn't resist a bit of PERinaise and PERi salted chips.

However, it's not just a case of him not being able to avoid the delight of a half chicken, it was a case of him blowing £500 on all sorts of food. Now, you can imagine that he's writing lyrics as we speak, inspired by the tasty meals. "She got me all hot and bothered, yeah, PERi-PERi/Now she wantin' me to pop her cherry/got her legs wrapped around me, lickin'/but her thighs ain't as juicy as some Nando's chicken."

This past Wednesday, after his show at the First Direct Arena in Leeds he headed to Nando's on Briggate where he reportedly racked up a £534.55 bill, presumably with some kind of entourage.

Someone posted a picture of his receipt on Twitter and it included a lot of garlic bread - if only Peter Kay was on hand to barge in and deliver his trademark line.

Credit: Twitter

A friend of Drake's collected the big order at around 10.30pm on Wednesday, the Yorkshire Evening Post, with the huge list causing chaos for other people wanting some food.

"Just popped into Nando's for a pre-sell out meal and we aren't being served because Drake has ordered £600 worth of chicken wings!," Nightclub and events promoter Paddy Mulcahy posted on Facebook, according to Metro.

Nando's is not only a place where people go for chicken - it's the beginning of all that's good in the world.

These lads always meet at Nando's every Friday, it's a staple of their friendship and a true way to make sure you always stay close. However, one week only three of the eight or nine who usually attend turned up, but the show must go on.

Indulging in the chicken-y goodness they begin to plan what they may do that night, leaning towards a local night out in Coventry.

"As per usual we order our food and sit down," Jazz Dhami told TheLADbible. "It's about 9pm so we ask the waiter where's good to go out tonight, he mentions that the casino have a do on, while a few of our other friends are messaging us saying come to Birmingham for a night out.

"We replied 'nah', it's too far, too expensive and we can't be arsed."

So, what's the logical thing to do when Birmingham is too far away and too expensive? Get yourself on your way to the capital of France, of course.

Credit: Supplied

When all things seem to signal and point towards a specific outcome, sometimes you just can't fight it.

"For some reason the conditions were right for this to happen," Jazz said. "We all for some reason had our passports. My car was full of petrol so we started driving down to Dover.

"Three hours later we are on a P&Q ferry, VIP too, I might add."

Credit: Supplied

Not having driven on the opposite side of the road the chaps felt like they were in some kind of GTA type shit, but nevertheless they were winging their way to the capital.

"Another three hours we arrive in Paris, park in an underground car park and start drinking," Jazz said. "We look like locals sitting on a bench next to the Eiffel Tower with our buckets of beers.

"Eventually, we end up being drunk tourists, experience the Eiffel Tower and end up at a random french rave just across from the tower.

"We stuck out like sore thumbs but we didn't care. We got smashed and then realised we needed a hotel room but we only had 40 Euros left, so we decided more booze and we shall sleep in the car.

"Wake up the Sunday and start driving back to UK."

Featured Image Credit: PA/Nando's

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