Holly Willoughby Reveals Jack Whitehall Sent Her A 'Rude Picture'

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Holly Willoughby Reveals Jack Whitehall Sent Her A 'Rude Picture'

Jack Whitehall has enjoyed some great success over the last few years, with his stand up comedy, Bad Education, A League of their Own and Mother's Day, but even at his level of fame the perils of everyday life catch up with him.

We've all been there where a text that never should have been drafted is sent, or when a message is mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient.

Whitehall was recently greeted by that regret and embarrassment when This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby revealed he sent her a rather rude picture message.

During an interview about his activities with James Corden, Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff for A League of their Own, as well as his trip with his dad on the upcoming show Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father, they began talking about X-rated texts.


Credit: ITV/This Morning

It became apparent that Jack and Holly had sent and received a few texts, but things took a turn when the latter said: "But you didn't send me one [rude message] you sent me a photograph."

The comedian put on his panto face as he struggled to recall the photo, relying on Phillip Schofield to try and shift the topic. Unfortunately for him, Holly eventually finds the picture.


Sadly we don't get to see the picture, but we can all take a pretty good guess as to what it is.

"It's not mine... That's definitely not mine. I don't own those boxer shorts. That's genuinely [shocking]," Jack says. "I'm so sorry national treasure Holly Willoughby."

Texting is a dangerous business. For one, there should be a ban on sending them while drunk, but even when we're sober it's risky.

If you've ever text the wrong number by accident, you'll know how awkward it is. Luckily, sometimes the wrong number is so wrong that it doesn't belong to anyone. Sometimes, they never reply. However occasionally someone does.


It often leads to hilarity if you manage to score someone who's actually, well, funny. 'Wrong number, mate' is a wasted opportunity.

If you're not using every wrong number text as an opportunity to royally take the piss out of someone, then why do you even have a phone? Pass it onto someone else and spend the rest of your life communicating through smoke signals.

This guy has got the right idea...


He thinks he's got the number for 'Crystal' from their mutual friend 'Lauren'. He then pleads with 'Crystal' to stop telling everyone how tiny he is. Ouch.

As you can see, he pleads with her to stop 'telling everyone he has a baby cock'. The randomer replies by saying that 'some babies have very big cocks. Baby elephants, for example'.

Eventually, the fella lets Michael know that he's just a random and wishes him luck with his 'baby dick'.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/This Morning

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