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Rachel Riley Has To Spell Out Swear Word On 'Countdown'

Rachel Riley Has To Spell Out Swear Word On 'Countdown'

For the most part, Countdown isn't that great. If you do ever find yourself watching the Channel 4 words and numbers show, it's usually because you're off work with a cold, wrapped in a duvet sipping tea, and flicking back and forth between The Jeremy Kyle Show.

If you do stay for the duration of the daily edition on Channel 4, you know you're either waiting for the conundrum, or for a funny word to pop up.

Truth be told, if Jeff, from the University of Warwick, has already picked out two consonants and two vowels, bringing out the letters PENI, and then follows it with "I'll have a vowel please, Rachel" there's a huge chance that something will be thrown at the TV and Jeff will worm his way onto your most hated list.

However, today we were blessed with a swear word on the long-running show, with Susie Dent having to apologise in advance for saying it.


From the jumble of letters: MTHIAEDHS, Susie worked out that 'shithead' was the highest scoring word available, worth eight points.

Credit: Channel 4

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Rachel Riley Had To Spell Out The Word 'Bumhole' On Countdown

"There is an eight, apologies for this one in advance and we're only saying it because it gets you one letter further, but shithead is in," Susie said from dictionary corner. Host Nick Hewer went on to advise Susie to 'wash your mouth out with soap', while Rachel Riley put the word up on the board.


Rachel Riley Has To Put The Word 'Blowie' On The Countdown Board

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It's the type of thing you'd certainly expect from the spin-off comedy version of the show, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, but you can imagine grandmothers across the country were outraged by the rude word.

Over the years a few funny words have popped up for both Rachel and her predecessor, Carol Vorderman, to put up on the board. However, today, two birds were killed with one stone, with the former having to spell out 'squirter' as well. With context, it's not funny. Out of context, though, it's hilarious.

She's also had the pleasure of spelling out 'bumhole', which is a seven pointer to be proud of.


We just need someone to get 'testicles', which is worth nine points and would be bittersweet for pensioners who devote their lives to watching the show.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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