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Lad Manages To Fail His Driving Test Within Five Seconds

Lad Manages To Fail His Driving Test Within Five Seconds

For anyone who's taken a driving test, you'll know that nerves play a huge factor for the whole time you're behind the wheel.

Despite intensive lessons and training for the big day, you open the door, sit in the driver's seat, and all of a sudden it's like you're trying to fly the Millennium Falcon.


You go round a corner and, instead of flicking the indicator on the windscreen, wipers jump into motion. The examiner asks you to do an emergency stop and the horn goes off. When he says to do a three-point turn you end up with the car on its roof.

Despite this, if you get to the other side with a pass you'll tell everyone that you only got one minor and that they said you'd one day be a Formula 1 star.

Craig Barraza suffered massively from pre-test jitters, with his mind going completely blank when the clock ticked to test time.

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The 33-year-old Scotsman drove on through the nerves, however, and lasted a full five seconds before he'd failed his test.

Taking a 50/50 chance, he left his test centre and immediately went into the right hand lane after forgetting which side of the road to drive on.

"You do realise you're on the wrong side of the road?" said the examiner. Poor Craig was forced to finish the remainder of the test even though he'd already failed. And to add more oil into his carburettor, he'd have passed based on the last 40 minutes of driving.

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"I was only just leaving the centre to get out. We were literally just five seconds into it," he said. "I was approaching the junction to exit it and I had an absolute mind blank, questioning in my head: 'What side of the road do we drive on'?

"I had a 50/50 chance, and I chose to exit it in the right lane. Instant fail. Had I not been so stupid I'd have breezed through."

Credit: Deadline News

His examiner and instructor claimed they'd never seen anything like it. Family and friends were quick to laugh at the poor lad, saying that old adage, 'the best drivers pass second time'.

After being put off getting behind the wheel at 17, having stalled at a roundabout, the 33-year-old decided to take up lessons again, spending around £1,000.

"My examiner with 20 years' experience, and my instructor with 30 years', both have never witnessed anything like it in their careers, they said," Craig added. "I hadn't even left the test centre car park.

"I've avoided driving because when I was 17 I stalled at a roundabout which just completely put me off.

"But I was more confident now. I think it's when you get older you get a bit wiser but that's rich coming from me after failing like that. I've lived in the UK my whole life so there's no excuse for not driving on the left."

To make driving tests even harder for people, they'll soon be changed to test us on sat-navs.

You'll often find your parents or grandparents saying, 'if I took a test today, I'd fail', and now that's probably never been more true.

Road sign tests will be ditched and replaced with how well you can use a sat-nav. Most us can't go half-a-mile without screaming at the fucking thing for consistently telling you to make a U turn, or drive through someone's front garden.

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