Lad Selling A 'Slice Of Pre-Brexit Britain' For A Laugh

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Lad Selling A 'Slice Of Pre-Brexit Britain' For A Laugh

2016 is being touted as possibly the worst year in existence, given a series of events which have really plucked at the heart strings.

In reality, it's not been that bad. A few people died, which is upsetting, we left the EU, which we are yet to find out whether or not is a bad thing, and Toblerones changed.

The latter is really being made into a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean, is Toblerone even anyone's favourite chocolate bar? I'd be surprised if it was - it's pretty much only decent when bought from duty free at an airport, or for Christmas. Either way, people aren't enjoying 2016.

That's why someone is trying to flog that sense of nostalgia, by putting a 'slice of pre-Brexit Britain' for sale on Facebook's Market Place.


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The bundle, which includes a Toblerone from before the time the gaps in between the triangles were made seven miles long, and an old five pound note, is being sold be Joe Wright for £500.

"I did keep the old £5 when the new one was released because I thought it won't be around forever," Joe told Metro. "And I found some Toblerone and thought, that won't be around forever either.


"I've seen fivers go up for a grand, so I thought I'd take the piss."

And the piss he did indeed take, claiming: "Please note that the serial no. of the vintage £5 starts with LK, which is particularly significant if you live in Sri Lanka."

If you really are desperate for a 'slice of pre-Brexit Britain', you can buy the chocolate and money here.

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