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Parents Say The Most Embarrassing Thing On Facebook

Parents Say The Most Embarrassing Thing On Facebook

As the world of social media moves forward, we all fall into the same inevitable hole that we all want to avoid: Our parents sign up to Facebook.

For the most part it's not that bad, unless you're in your teens and they use it to keep an eye on you at all times. However, if you're a bit older you can cope a bit more if they see a picture of you doing a beer bong.


What we most certainly cannot cope with, though, is how embarrassing they can be. Dads often think that when they're down the pub with their mates that they're 18 again, and therefore post a selfie with a caption that leaves you cringing like never before.

Mums are similar, too, sharing things about actors they fancy, discussing them in the comments with their fellow Hugh Grant admirers.

Now and again though, they seem to venture into truly astronomical realms of embarrassing. Of course, I'm referring to when they think it's acceptable to make public sexual references online.

It might be after a birthday, or maybe an anniversary, when the occasion and the alcohol gets to them. An unfortunate Twitter user witnessed this first hand, when her parents got a bit frisky during their anniversary meal.

Her mum checked in on Facebook, to which what we presume is a family friend, commented: "What's for desert?"


Rather horrifically for Elise, her dad, Mark, replied to his mate claiming that some 'pussy pie' was on the menu.

The horror. The devastation. The poor girl.

You can imagine that days after witnessing this her eyes are still burning, and there's no yet of the pain relieving itself.

Everyone other than her enjoyed it on Twitter, mind. So that's a silver lining.

Now and again it can be the children that land themselves in embarrassing situations around their parents, from which there's not much coming back from.

This fella fancied connecting to his mum's bluetooth speakers in her car, ready to pump the tunes for an upcoming journey. Sadly, though, it connected straight to his internet browser, showing up the link he last visited...

Credit: Facebook


However, parents' lack of knowledge about technology is always cringeworthy yet funny.

This lad's mum kept taking selfies, unaware that they kept syncing to her son's phone.

Credit: Twitter

As bad as they can be online sometimes, we hope they never change.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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Parents Say The Most Embarrassing Thing On Facebook

Parents Say The Most Embarrassing Thing On Facebook

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