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Someone Made A Cocaine And Ecstasy-Themed Birthday Cake

Someone Made A Cocaine And Ecstasy-Themed Birthday Cake

There's something quite adorable about a personalised birthday cake, isn't there? It's the thoughtfulness of it. Someone has sat down and had a good think about what it is that truly makes their loved one happy and gone ahead and had that created in cake form. It's sweet in two meanings of the word.

Footie fans can blow out the candles on a sponge-football-pitch in their team colours, Harry Potter fans can cut into a chocolate-layered Sorting Hat, and... well...then there's this:


Credit: SWNS

Yeah, this a cocaine and ecstasy-themed cake complete with lines, pills, rolled-up notes and a driving licence. The 'powder' was made from icing sugar and the notes were made of sugar paper, in case you were wondering. And hats off to whoever made it, because they've done a bloody good job.

Twenty-two-year old Stacy Morris ordered the cake for her boyfriend Ollie to celebrate his 23rd birthday.

Stacey, from Norfolk, said: "It has always been a joke between us and all our friends because we watch lots of films and programmes about drugs.


"So, when I was having a cake done and I spotted this idea online, it was perfect. I wanted something different that everyone would remember. It was a surprise." I'll bet it was.

Stacey ordered the cake for her fella's birthday. Credit: SWNS

Stacey continued: "We had a few friends around for drinks for his birthday and we brought the cake out at midnight.

"A few people said to him 'you'll be shocked when you see it', but he had no idea it was going to be like that. When he saw it, he just stood there looking at it. It was really funny.

"I put it on Facebook and it has just gone crazy since then with people commenting and stuff.

Is that a rolled-up lotto ticker? Credit: SWNS

"I've had a few negative comments but mostly positive ones and the girl who made the cake has been inundated too."

Most people saw the funny side after the photo went viral but there's always a few fun-sponges who like to have a go, isn't there?

What do you reckon? Bit of fun or crossing a line?

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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