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This Thirsty AF Monkey Trying To Have Sex With Deers Is Bizarre

Mark McGowan

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This Thirsty AF Monkey Trying To Have Sex With Deers Is Bizarre

Nature is pretty incredible. It's also filthy as fuck. Demonstrated here by this thirsty monkey who wants a large chunk of this deer's ass.

Researchers managed to capture the bizarre moment the primate mounted a female Sika deer, making them the first separate species to be seen mating since a fur seal and a king penguin in 2014, and David Cameron allegedly fucking a pig many years ago.

Researchers from the University of Strasbourg in France were keeping an eye on the macaque while filming on Yakushima Island, part of Kagoshima prefecture, Japan.

Apparently Japanese macaques and sika deers live side-by-side, often eating each other's left overs or dropped food, as well as their faeces. So we're looking at some sick, skat, bestiality shit.


"Ejaculation seemed to have occurred as the deer licked the seminal liquid after the mount," researcher Alexandre Bonnefoy said, describing the scene. "This might indicate that the sperm could be a good source of protein to the deer."

Bonnefoy said that the monkey did not penetrate the deer, but did perform about 15 sexual movements in 10 seconds. Obviously he's gone for speed and power over duration, a tactic that could sometimes land you in a spot of bother, but in this particular situation the female deer did not seem phased.

According to the researchers the cheeky macaque tried to mount another deer moments later, but was rejected. He headed home, recognising his night had come to an end, picking up a kebab on the way.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: deer, Animal, monkey

Mark McGowan
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