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Baby Poses With Device That Was Designed To Stop His Mum Getting Pregnant

Michael Minay

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Baby Poses With Device That Was Designed To Stop His Mum Getting Pregnant

Featured Image Credit: PA

One cheeky little newborn decided to stick the middle finger, almost literally, up to the contraceptive world by holding the exact device that was implanted to stop him being born.

The coil (AKA: intrauterine device) is a form of contraception that is 99.9 per cent effective in preventing pregnancies.

This LAD is the 0.1 per cent.

The coil, in short, is inserted into the womb and releases a progestogen hormone which thickens the mucus from the cervix, meaning it's more difficult for sperm to move through and reach an egg.

Credit: NHS

However, this boy was clearly a strong swimmer (maybe something for the dad to be proud of).

Dexter's mum, Lucy Hellein, from Alabama, discovered she was pregnant in December, despite being fitted with the coil four months earlier.

After he was born, the couple placed the coil in his hand and posted a photo to Facebook with the caption: "Mirena [name of the coil] fail."

The post was accompanied by a picture of 9lbs 1oz Dexter and was shared more than 70,000 times.

Credit: Facebook/Lucy Hellein

Credit: Facebook/Lucy Hellein

Lucy, despite obviously not planning to have Dexter, said she was happy with the little fella.

She said: "Dexter was definitely meant to be. His original due date was May 4 and even the doctor said 'the force was strong with this one'.

"Although he wasn't planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed."

A lot of the onus for birth control seems to be on the woman, but now researchers have been working on a male equivalent of the pill.

The aim, as mentioned at the National Meeting And Exposition Of The American Chemical Society, is for it to act as a long-lasting contraceptive and alternative to other methods, such as condoms.

The drug is still being perfected, however, as there are currently concerns over high levels of testosterone and the possibility of infertility in long-term users.

There are plenty more tests to be done, but it is expected to be another step in evening out the inequality between men and women when it comes to birth control.

Michael Minay

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