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Bot Hacks NASA And Tweets Pic Of Woman's Ass In Red Lingerie

Bot Hacks NASA And Tweets Pic Of Woman's Ass In Red Lingerie

So apparently NASA can discover water on Mars, send cameras to the very edge of our solar system and put people on the moon, but it can't stop its Twitter account from being hacked.

NASA's Kepler Mission involves a telescopic spacecraft floating around space looking for planets that are a bit like Earth, namely 'habitable'.

Not too long ago the Kepler mission announced 1,284 new planets that were 'habitable', allowing the minds of men and women who believe in little green things to go into overdrive.

But today the Kepler mission posted a 'discovery' on Twitter that not a single person who follows the account will have expected to have seen.


A woman's ass in some red lace lingerie.

No really, just look...

It would appear the Kepler Mission's Twitter was hacked by some sort of cam girl bot but I prefer to think something from one of the planets they've discovered hacked it and they LOVE red lace lingerie and women's bums.


That'd be a far more enjoyable explanation for everybody involved, wouldn't it?

As you can see, there's the classic 'girl next door' profile picture, the username change to something unreadable, the kind of thing a Belieber would have, and of course the booty tweet itself.

NASA quickly got control of the account back and was quick to point out it hadn't just tweeted a girl's ass.


If NASA tweeted more girls' asses they might have more followers. But that's just my guess off the back of the replies...

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Words by George Pavlou

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